If you are looking for a one-dimensional list, you won’t find it here. We can enhance your ho-hum generic direct mail campaign with a multi-pronged approach fine tuning your target audience. Continuously updated direct mail lists allow you to: Learn more...

  • Find your optimal audience
  • Grow your sales
  • Boost your profits


With access to multiple consumer and business databases, we bring options to the table that are accurate and affordable. Learn more...

  • Consumer Data- Target generic consumers or consumers with a special interest
  • Business Data - New businesses, large businesses, small businesses, SOHO, you name it, we can get it
  • Resident/Occupant Saturation Data- An affordable way to market, hitting virtually every mail box to ensure complete coverage of your product



Traditionally, guaranteed high response rates secured direct mail as the favored way to market. Tried and true is good, but in today’s fast-paced world, the quicker you get your product in front of your customers, the better your chances to beat the competition. In 2008 the marketing scales tipped in favor of email. As the popularity of email marketing increases, new statistics prove the benefits of email over direct mail.

Numbers don’t lie.Learn more...


At Wave Direct, we are experts in “e-telligence” and educate our clients on the best practices of a successful email campaign. From testing your top-performing subject line to optimal deployment days to Can SPAM compliancy, we work with you to guarantee winning results.


How can email help your business? Learn more...


Email marketing isn’t a fad, it’s here, it’s now, it’s “e-telligent”.



Looking for ways to boost response rates? Need to increase your lead-gen efforts? The phone is your friend.

Consider a follow-up telemarketing campaign to a deployed email list or postal drop. Statistics show a remarkable 7-8% increase in response rates from a simple telemarketing call.

Don’t Let Cold-Calling Leave You in the Cold.

Long considered ritual in any sales organization, outbound dialing or cold-calling is a sure-fire method to reach out to your customers. However, spending unnecessary time on the phone trying to get to the right prospect is counter-productive. That’s where we come in.  We offer the most current telemarketing files on the market. We can geo-select or choose specific demographics to get you the best contacts to call.


If you want to elevate brand awareness, soup up your sales, or get more leads…pick up the phone and dial.