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Search Engine Marketing can be complicated.

Even the savviest marketer knows that defining and uncovering the best keywords, continuously refreshing copy and modifying bids/budget can be a daunting task. As consumer and business interest behaviors change, you need to adjust to the fickleness of the times. A “new and improved” buzzword today may become outdated tomorrow and staying up to date on industry lingo is a must. If you have steered clear of SEM, work with us. Let Wave Direct draw you out of your marketing shell and introduce you (and your clients) to the benefits of a well optimized, successful SEM program.
We realized early in the SEM game that to build an effective campaign a critical step needs to be taken. Instantaneous reaction to keyword feedback from search engines and customers can make or break your campaign.

I don’t want a list of useless words

  • Copy is good when it ranks well and better when prospects click through and ultimately buy something or respond to an offer. It’s at that point that you know you are on track, but not before. We have the right keywords in place when we are drawing quality traffic to your site, not when we’ve compiled a list of search words that could be meaningless.

Take me to your leader

  • We work with all the major search engine sites that represent over 92% of the world’s search engines. Google, Yahoo and MSN are leaders in the pack and we ensure that your optimal keywords grab the attention of the right prospects and lead them to your site.

At Wave Direct, we create, manage, analyze and continuously optimize your SEM PPC campaigns.

Banners & E-Newsletter Sponsorships

Your Banner is Your Bridge-Lead Your Customers to You.

With banner marketing you pay websites or even search engines to display your banner. Once clicked, the visitor will be taken to your website and in essence, the banner leads them to you.


The primary objective of banner marketing is to broaden your marketing placement outside your niche. You can have your banner displayed on targeted websites that would most likely be viewed by the kind of audience you want to attract.

Sounds Expensive and Tricky.

Using banners with your online marketing campaign can be tricky if you don’t know the ropes. That’s where we come in. We research the best sites for your banner placement and negotiate the rates and coordinate the scheduling with the vendors. All you have to do it sit back…and relax.

Will it Work?

Yes. Banners aren’t supposed to be decorations; they’re highly effective marketing materials that drive response. Banner marketing success is determined by the click-throughs, rate of click-through and page views. Your business will get increased exposure and traffic to your site by a well placed banner.

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