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Demand Generation


Selling or marketing a concept, product, service or idea takes a lot of imagination. Today, sellers of products and services have innovative and effective marketing strategies at their fingertips. The concept of SMS marketing falls in this category. It is a sure-fire way of reaching a wide-spread base of customers in moments-or real time.

WIIFM? – You’ve probably seen the acronym for “What’s In It For Me?” Good question, glad you asked. The personal nature of mobile phones makes SMS marketing a very powerful tool. Think about it, most people take their mobile phones everywhere – meaning they can be effective for time sensitive messages.

  • People tend to read virtually every text they get – unlike junk mail or spam which can be ignored.
  • Messages are personal. Consequently, web based sms marketing and sms text messaging go a long way in building strong customer relationships.
  • The sms gateway could be used to send news and updates to its internal customer base.
  • Use this service to reach end users & consumers and establish their brand values in the consumer psyche.

Text messaging is growing at an enormous rate and we are first-hand seeing a surge in the use of text messaging as a business tool. Tailoring your message to your “audience on the go” could be the best way for you to market.

Social Marketing - It's Viral

According to recent statistics, social networking accounts for approximately 15 percent of all time spent online in the US. That’s a pretty good chunk of the day. Right now, the hottest social media tool to emerge on the scene is Twitter. Facebook is a close second and currently has around 200 million active users, with 100 million users logging on each day. As a marketing or branding tool it can be used to find new customers, stay in touch with existing customers, promote new products or services and also as a perfect customer service medium.

Social media marketing is viral and can help you grow. After all, it’s not what you know, but WHO you know and better yet, WHO knows you! Think about using social media marketing if your goal is to:

  • Increase website traffic and user behavior
  • Increase conversion and sales tracking
  • Increase page views, ad exposure
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create a positive brand association and keep it there

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