Our Solutions

Demand Generation

Drive awareness of and interest in your business. Wave Direct reinvigorates your marketing efforts to increase traffic and conversions.

Find customers you can count on by employing marketing solutions you can trust. We’ve been at this for a while, so we know which demand generation tactics work and which ones don’t.

Content Creation & Syndication

Generate enterprise-level content and put it in front of your customers. Wave Direct creates exceptional content for your brand that we then push to third-party publishers to help spread your message.

Your content says a lot about your business and brand. Don’t trust your content creation and syndication to companies that don’t prioritize your goals. We know what content sticks and how to create content that keeps customers coming back for more.

Marketing Funnel Management

Take control of your marketing funnel to increase conversions. Wave Direct employs top-of-the-funnel tactics to drive customers through middle-of-the-funnel avenues and towards bottom-of-the-funnel purchases.

Customers often get lost somewhere in a business’s marketing funnel. We ensure that doesn’t happen by sharpening content and strategy at every stage of the purchasing journey.

Contact Re-Engagement & Enrichment

Maintain and manage ongoing customer relationships. Wave Direct helps recapture contacts and enrich your overall contact foundation.

Sometimes, people just need an extra nudge to become lifelong customers. Other times, strong content and a focused marketing strategy can recapture potential customers who got lost in your marketing funnel. We’ve got you covered.

Account-Based Marketing

Personalize the buying experience for maximum impact. Wave Direct works directly with you and your sales team to create customized solutions that target your high-level customers.

Collaborate with our marketing experts to tailor different marketing campaigns directly towards individual customer accounts.

Webinars & Podcasts

Modernize your marketing methods. Wave Direct helps identify potential marketing avenue opportunities like webinars and podcasts.

We’ll help shape and curate your content for webinar and podcast platforms to capitalize on a more modern and tech-savvy customer base.

Virtual & Live Events

Find your customers online or in-person. Wave Direct will help you visualize and then roll out virtual and live events on platforms your customers know and trust.

Start a new conversation or continue pushing your marketing message through live and virtual summits where your customers can interact and engage directly with your specialists.

Media Buys & Placement

Generate top-tier ad spots across multiple platforms. Wave Direct knows where, when, and for how long your different marketing solutions should stay to optimize your message.

We’ll work with your team to purchase and place different media messages, so all of your messaging is in sync and working for you.

Sponsored Content

Optimize your inbound marketing efforts. Wave Direct creates and curates sponsored content that feels more personal.

Our team of experts know that customers are savvier than ever. They know ad and for an ad. That’s why we customize your sponsored content to hit home in a more personalized way. This, in turn, creates longer-lasting customer relationships.

Data Solutions

Drive traffic and sharpen tactics with data-driven marketing solutions. Wave Direct collects, analyzes, and utilizes important marketing metrics to improve your overall marketing strategy.

We’re not a “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” kind of company. We know your money and time is precious, which is why we use tried-and-tested data-driven solutions to maximize both.

And Much More...

Dive deep into a world of customized direct marketing solutions. Wave Direct works closely with thousands of publishers and networks around the globe to make sure your message and marketing material is always optimized.

We’ll help identify your marketing goals and then find the right avenues through which your messaging can excel. That includes demand generation, media placement, content creation and all the in-betweens.

How a Global Security Company Increased Brand Awareness

A global cybersecurity company needed a breakthrough marketing strategy to add leads to their fatigued database. They asked Wave Direct to flex their marketing muscles and offer up some solutions.

Phase 1: Identifying

We conducted a comprehensive study of their competitors and created ideal customer profiles.

Phase 2: Strategy

We researched hundreds of cyber security publications to pinpoint the best providers to leverage.

Phase 3: Bringing it all together

We created a high-visibility lead generation program to increase brand awareness and generate engaged contacts through enterprise-level content.

Working with Mary Lou and Wave Direct is a marketer’s dream. The professionalism, quick response and attention to detail is impeccable. Our partnership is of immense value and always delivers.


I have worked with the team at Wave Direct for 10+ years.  They go the distance and will ensure that your campaign will run smoothly!  It’s a great comfort to know that everything is covered and that your goals are not only met, but exceeded!

Jon P.

I have had the privilege of working with Wave Direct for over seven years. The effort that is put forth and quality of work is priceless. The Wave Direct team truly operates as an extension of our own and they go above and beyond!

Heidi, VP of Growth Marketing